Meet Chester


Name: Chester “Chez” Phillips

Age: 15

Greatest Aspiration: To fly around the world in a hot air balloon.

Hobbies: Dumpster diving, Assemblage, Inventing, Engineering, Mechanics

I would like you all to meet Chester. He’s my main character, and he has recently signed a contract agreeing to all the abuse I intend to put him through. Above is a bit of concept art. I’m pretty satisfied with Chester’s design as a whole, but I think I may nix the aviation goggles on his head. I know very few fifteen-year-olds who would be confident enough in themselves to wear any sort of goggles in public. Plus, they’re a pain to draw, and I’m all about making life easier for myself.

Stay tuned for more concept art and character synopsis. There will be lots of both.

P.S. I would like to thank my favorite Phillips relatives for allowing me to borrow their last name (especially since I didn’t ask!). You can consider Chester your literary son if you want.



    • A crowbar is what you carry when you don’t have a cell phone. Then you use it to steal other people’s cell phones. 😉


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