Getting to Know Chester

I’m back! Thank you to everyone who waited so patiently while I was vacationing. Now I’m back to blogging.

Today, I wanted to share a sampling of an enormous questionnaire I completed to help me get to know Chester. I began this project as part of a class, and our teacher gave us a list of 150 questions we had to answer about our characters. The idea was the explore the character from his insides to his outsides. I won’t share the whole questionnaire here (because sleeping pills that large should not be available without a prescription), but I wanted to include a small sampling so you could get the idea.

Question: Describe your character’s posture. Is it good? Do they carry themselves well? Are they crooked, straight, or handicapped?

Answer: Chester has a slightly cocky posture. He tends to carry his shoulders back and rock on his heels when stationary.

Question: Are your character’s clothes old or new?

Answer: It’s hard to tell; they’ve spent most of their time on the floor or in the hamper.

Question: What kind of underwear does your character wear?

Answer: Boxers. Plaid (because polka dots are for girls).

Question: How many clothes does your character have?

Answer: Enough to get through a week or two without doing laundry.

Question: Is there good resonance to your character’s voice? Is it throaty, chesty, heady, or nasal?

Answer: Chester has a sharp and abrupt way of speaking, much like a snare drum. When he is focused, he tends to mumble, and his voice is more resonant then.

Question: Is the character impulsive or deliberate in reaching conclusions? Would you describe them as being logical, rational, or emotional?

Answer: Although generally systematic and logical when engaged in a project, Chester tends to act impulsively. He rarely thinks of how his compulsions may affect others.

Question: Can your character tell a joke?

Answer: Not unless you connect with his dry sense of humor.

Question: Can your character command others to do their bidding by word or manipulation?

Answer: Chester is a master at getting others to do his bidding. He’s slightly manipulative. He enjoys convincing others that he is smarter than they are.

Question: What things frighten your character?

Answer: Getting old. Chester wants to be young and able-bodied forever.


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