Meet Peter

Name: Peter Munk

Appearance: Peter looks like he was dressed by a child. His clothes are usually an odd assemblage, and his buttons are frequently misaligned. He wears suspenders and relies on safety pins to fill any gaps. Around his neck, he carries his pet goldfish, Francis, in a jar.

Bio: Peter follows Chester around like an adoring golf caddy. He thinks of Chester as a lesser god. Although the two of them have been friends since early childhood, it is clear that Chester wears the pants and Peter is the pants-less gopher boy. 

Personality: Peter is motivated by positive recognition. He aims to please. He is shy and not at all brave, but always willing and eager to assist. Unlike Chester, he would never think to use another person or take them for granted, although he often allows others to do so to him. He has a nurturing nature. He loves plants and small animals, and he carries his pet goldfish with him wherever he goes. He is afraid of the dark, heights, and all sharp objects.

I would like you all to meet Peter. Peter is Chester’s partner (or underling) in crime. In my earliest concepts, Chester’s best friend was a boy named Craig. He was later cut from the cast because I found him too similar to Chester. He was replaced by Peter, who is in many ways Chester’s opposite.

Peter taught me a lot about developing 3D characters. A flat character is a stereotype. Based on their appearance or role in the story, they do not defy expectations. Blonde girls are ditzy, popular cheerleaders. Redheads are fiery. Broad, muscular guys play football. The McDonalds employee has acne. In order for a character to be dynamic they need to defy expectations in a surprising (and non-stereotypical) way. Maybe the leather-clad biker is secretly taking a cooking class. Maybe the perfect mom restores classic cars as a hobby.

I didn’t want Peter to fit the cookie-cutter weenie character mould, so here’s the catch: he’s the only one licensed to pilot the hot air balloon. Chester isn’t. How’s that for irony?



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