I’m a Campaigner!

Here’s to jumping on the bandwagon! I just wanted to announce that I will be joining the third Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign hosted by Rach Writes. It’s an event designed to link writers together to build platforms and make connections. I’m excited to be a part of it!



  1. Just joined the campaign as well! This is my first run, and I’m just stopping by to wave hello. Also, I have to say that the design for your blog is absolutely exquisite. 😀

    Looking forward to chatting more!


  2. Hi Erin! I’m in your YA group and am happy to meet you. Add in snakes, and your list of dislikes is identical to mine! And not many people hate mayo, so I can tell we’ll be fast friends!


  3. Wow. I’m SO jealous of your artistic ability. I would love to be able to draw my characters. Instead, I have to pressure nice artists to do it for me 🙂 Looking forward to campaigning with you!


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