Meet Jasper

Name: Jasper

Appearance: Jasper is a collector of sorts. His outfits incorporate many kitschy and fine accessories that do not match. He has been known to wear silk shirts, fur collars, roses, and gold belt buckles all at once. 

Bio: No one is certain of Jasper’s age, but one thing is for sure: he has been in the 9th grade for a long time. Although school is not high on Jasper’s list of priorities, it’s a great place to build a clientele. Jasper is the go-to man of the entire student body. Whether he is dealing in information or merchandise (legal, questionable, or otherwise), Jasper has the connections to get what his customers demand. If, that is, the client is willing to pay. 

Personality: Jasper is motivated by money and nothing else. He is an entrepreneur, and his loyalties go to highest bidder. He is a master at networking and making connections. Secrets are not safe with him, but he manages to collect a lot of them. He can be bought and bribed, but he cannot be shortchanged. Jasper is a shrewd trader and won’t sell for less than something’s worth. 

When I first designed Jasper, I assumed that he would play a smallish supporting roll. Then, I realized that I liked him too much to let him sit in the proverbial dugout.

Jasper is the first character that I have consciously inserted into an archetypal role. I was doing some reading on character archetypes, and I realized that some of my favorite characters fit the “Shapeshifter” archetype. The Shapeshifter is a character whose loyalties are changing or unclear. Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (particularly the first) and Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series are both great examples of Shapeshifters. And, since I have been told that great writers steal great ideas from other writers, I am following suite. Jasper here is my Shapeshifter.



  1. I like Jasper. His clothing choices and entrepreneurial spirit make him interesting. It’s great that you can draw. I could never illustrate my books. Well, I could but there would be stick figures.


  2. I like Jasper, too! He’s grounded by certain characteristics (greedy, sneaky, resourceful), and yet so unpredictable (bribable). Terrific sketch!! Rose, fur collar and goatee–one thing’s for sure, he’s definitely intriguing!


    • Why thank you! I get a kick out of his eccentric outfits. I think I ought to illustrate a whole wardrobe for him. Thanks for your feedback!


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