Meet Ulysses

I don’t know as much about Ulysses as I would like. Initially,  he was going to be my main villain. However, as I continue to map out my story, I’m finding that his role is shifting. The character I am developing now is not the same one that I originally set out to design. As you write, do your characters ever surprise you? Do they develop attributes that you never planned on them developing? Or, do you prefer to keep them “reigned in,” so to speak? I would like to hear your thoughts.



  1. I’m a heavy planner. But sometimes, even in planning stages my plans shift. In one WIP I have an antagonist, who remains an antagonist, but I shifted his role to also become a kind of guardian and friend, or former friend to the protagonist.


    • That’s what I’m finding too. Plans can shift while you’re in the process of planning. Sometimes, characters change despite heavy planning for me.


  2. When my characters get away from me, it’s usually because they know something about themselves that I don’t! Actually, I just blogged about my current WiP, in whic two characters are developing a romance when I didn’t intend for that to be the case. But I think it actually makes sense!


  3. I find that it depends on the character. Some I try to reign in and they end up surprising me with their stubborn way of showing me who they really want to be. LOL.


    • Haha I’ve discovered that too! Some characters are more pliable than others. Some are so stubborn. They refuse to change into anything other than what they want to be!


  4. My characters are always surprising me, too. I like Ulysses. He does look a little shifty, like he could easily change on you. Maybe you don’t want to reign him in. A little surprise can be good for a story.


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