Another Way to Procrastinate

We all need more excuses to procrastinate. These fun questionnaires are just the thing. Here is one for bookworms and writers. If you decide to fill it out yourself, link back to me. I would love to see your answers. Enjoy!

1. Your Pen Name

To unlock your new pen name, go to your bookcase. Pull the second book from the right on the top shelf. The author’s first name is now yours. To find your middle initial, flip to the last chapter of the book. Find the first word in that chapter. The last letter of that word is your new middle initial.

To form your last name, return to your bookcase. Select the last book on the top shelf. Choose either page 4, 40, or 400. Find the first adjective on that page. Then, flip ahead two pages. Select an object noun listed on that page. Combine it with your adjective to form your new last name.

What is your new pen name?

Deborah S. Gravestream

Would you/have you ever use a pen name?

I haven’t ever used one, but I like the idea. Having a secret identity kind of makes me feel Marvel-esque.   

2. Memory Lane

Return to your bookcase. Select a book with a primarily blue cover. Which book is it? Where did you get it? What memories do you associate with that book?

My blue book is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I bought it from Barnes and Noble four or five years ago. I remember going on a field trip when I was a senior in high school with my art class. We were spending the day touring old churches, looking at stained glass and murals. The trip back home was gray, cool, and damp, but I had my feet against the bus heater. My socks were scalding my ankles. It was there that I  finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo.  

3. Flash Fiction

Go to the bottom shelf of your bookcase. Select the first four books on that shelf. Open each of them to page 10, and write down the first complete sentence on that page. Put the sentences together in the most “sensical” order you can.

Wham! “Can you close that suitcase?” The man she was with was younger, pale, and very thin. The boxes there are mostly shot boxes. 

(Comprised of Farewell Summer by Ray Bradbury, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares, Sundays at Tiffany’s by James Patterson, and Billy Budd and Other Tales by Herman Melville)

4. Free Verse

Go to your bookcase. Select a book with a primarily green cover. Open it to the second chapter. Write down the last 3-4 words of that chapter. Next, flip to the third chapter. Write down the last 3-4 words of that chapter. Finally, write down the last 3-4 words of the fourth chapter.

Asleep seconds later

Something like that

Wiggle my way in

(Taken from Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen)

5. How OCD are you?

How do you organize your books? By series? Height? Genre? None of the above?

I generally organize my books by series. I like sequels to go next to their predecessors. I used to organize my books by height, but now I find it more aesthetically pleasing if there is some tasteful height variation on each shelf. After all, what kind of artist would I be if my bookcase wasn’t aesthetically pleasing?

6. The Bitter End

Return to your bookcase. Select the third book from the right on your second shelf. Turn to the end and write down the last sentence of that book. Then, confess: do you ever read the ending of a book before you finish it?

The last line of When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead: He’s a smart kid. 

Confession session: Yes, I often read the last paragraph of a book before I get to the end. I don’t like to spoil the ending per se, but I do like to know if the story ends on a happy note or not. Also, I find it reassuring when my favorite characters aren’t dead in the last paragraph.





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