Garbage and Hot Air Balloons

Remember that hot air balloon I blogged about some time ago? Well, it’s on the drawing board. Literally.

Last evening, I devoted considerable hours studying the interworkings of hot air balloon mechanics. If you’ll remember, my main character, Chester, is going to be building a hot air balloon as part of my story. But how, you may very well ask, does a fifteen-year-old boy, with no job or money, get the parts to assemble a hot air balloon?

Obviously, he raids the dumpsters.

That Chester’s balloon would be constructed from found objects seemed like a delightful idea upon first conception. Now, somewhat sleep deprived, I have realized something: Chester doesn’t have to build the darn thing. I do.

Last night, I had to figure out what common trash items I could reasonably replace with perfectly good hardware in order to create a solar-powered hot air balloon that could, potentially, function in real life. And then, I had to draw it. Technical illustration is just plain hard; talk about problem solving! I’ve used everything from kitchen colanders to bicycle frames and Elmer’s glue caps to make sure this baby’s gonna fly.

I should have the final design and illustration completed in another week or two. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think. Would you risk a flight in a hot air balloon assembled entirely of garbage by a fifteen-year-old kid? Of course you would.

On a side note, I picked up just over a pound of fresh blueberries from the farmer’s market today. I would like to make something yummy with them. Does anyone have any good suggestions?



  1. What an interesting idea. I love books about hot air balloons. I especially like the fact that he constructs his out of trash. Would I ride in a hot air balloon constructed out of trash by a 15 year old boy? No. But I bet he would, and it would make a great story.


  2. I would ride it as I am risk taker and I would not mind paying more to reward that innovative kid, Air to Air Africa โ€“ Hot Air Balloon Operators is based in the Cradle of Humankind, near Lanseria Airport (about 35km north-west of Johannesburg, South Africa). We offer you the oldest form of flight known to man. This is the ultimate air adventure. Experience the fascination of free flight with a panoramic view over scenic countryside. As you float along at tree top height, you may catch sight of a variety of wildlife and interact with the people below. Tranquillity and calm, leisurely yet inspiring are words frequently used by our guests.


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