Fun and Creepy Things

When’s the last time you saw something strange or unusual that made your imagination flare up?

Yesterday, I tweeted (man, I am such a social networking nerd these days) about a windowless kidnapper van parked outside of my apartment. I wasn’t lying. It was a textbook kidnapper van: black, and lingering ominously in the street. When I finally snuck around the back of the building to investigate, I discovered an overturned ladder beneath our second-story window.

On another occasion, not long ago, I was people-watching from my bedroom window. It was late in the evening, and I noticed a strange flickering coming from the window of our neighbors across the street. The blinds were rustling. I saw hands scratching at the blinds and the glass, as if someone were trying to escape from inside.

Recently, my pet toad has taken to staring at me and my roommate while we work. He comes to the glass and just stares. It’s starting to make my roommate nervous.

On each of these occasions, my imagination went wild. I began envisioning serial killers, kidnappers, and possessed amphibians. I tried to create a story around all of the evidence.

You want to know the truth?

The van was recently loaded with boxes and driven away. It turns out our managers hired a painter to touch up the trim on our windows (hence the ladder). The neighbor was dusting her blinds.

The toad probably really is possessed.

But isn’t it more fun to create your own story? I’m often inspired by fun and creepy things. I like to log them away in my mental files, just in case I need a creepy scenario for a future story.

Halloween is coming up. Seen anything spooky or inspiring lately?



  1. Like, all the time, man! (I felt like Shaggy talking to Scooby Doo there for a second). But really, I constantly notice those strange types of things and then the ole’ noggin goes crazy coming up with different scenarios. The part with the hands against the glass reminded me of ‘The Rear Window’, that old Alfred Hitchcock flick–what a classic, it still stands my hair on end.

    BTW I have a few awards for you on my blog, swing on by to pick them up when you get a chance!


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