Coming Soon

Ever since I finished the design for Chester’s balloon, I’ve been busily sketching away on my next illustration. Funny enough, the first thing I did after designing the balloon was to crash it into a tree.

Here’s a work-in-progress picture of the illustration to come. As you can see, I’ve more or less finished the basic line drawing, although I have some cleanup work to do in Photoshop (bless the geniuses behind that program). But the basic narrative is there. And, since Paige the genie seems to be a favorite character among fans, she and Peter get the spotlight this time.

I’ll be devoting plenty of time to coloring this baby over the next couple of weeks, and I’ll explain more of the narrative behind it when I post the finished product. Until then, enjoy!




  1. […] usually try to update on Monday, but this last Monday I used my regular blogging time to work on my illustration in process. I should probably be doing the same today, but my poor neglected blog was calling to […]


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