Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Seventh Story Studio and from the ballooning gang!

Peter was never blessed with that admirable quality we call “grace.”

I wanted to post something for Halloween, so I’ve been working feverishly on this piece all week. And as always happens when I rush a piece, I realize afterwards that I have forgotten things. For example, Peter usually has a few unruly pieces of hair sticking up in the back. His golden locks are being especially submissive tonight. Also, Chester must have painted over the wood grain on his boat, because clearly it’s not visible anymore. Oh well. I’ll fix all of those things later.

So while I worked on this beast, I found a website where I could download free audiobooks from the public domain. Given the season, I probably should have browsed around for Frankenstein or something, but I have wanted to read The Scarlet Pimpernel for a while now, and I found it available for download. The beauty of audiobooks is that I can both read and do artwork at the same time. I would have been a fan of old radio shows. I’m sure of it. Is anyone else in to audiobooks? Any recommendations?



    • Thank you! I’ve never listened to a poetry audiobook. I would probably like it since I prefer poetry to be read aloud. Thanks for the suggestion!


  1. Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous! I listen to audiobooks off and on, usually during long car rides, but lately I’ve been playing them while I do my chores. I’m currently listening to Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander,” but I’ve also listened to Georgette Heyer’s “Venetia” and “Sylvester.” The latter two were narrated by Richard Armitage, one of my favorite actors, which was an extra added bonus. 😉


    • Thank you! I appreciate the recommendations. I’m always looking for another good book. And yes, I prefer listening to audiobooks in the car over music. Books keep me awake so much better!


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