Trying on Mustaches is a Great Way to Waste Time

This morning, I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to tack a lock of my own hair beneath my nose like a mustache.

I don’t think I pull off facial hair very well.

It’s so easy to waste time in the mornings, and I was thinking lately, that maybe if I spent less time trying on mutton chops and more time pushing a pencil around, I would have a few more paragraphs completed toward this project. So, my fellow busy people, when do you find time to write? Do you set aside an hour every day to dedicate to your craft, or do you carry a notebook in your pocket for when inspiration strikes? Are you a tortoise writer that keeps a steady schedule? Or are you a hare, writing in great spurts, then taking lengthy vacations in between? What works for you? I would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. What, no picture of the mustache? I definitely have to schedule my writing time. It has to be when the kids are at school so it is uninterrupted,or else it is just not worth it. Right now, it is on weekday morning, first thing for a couple hours. I procrastinate, too. The mustache thing is one I hadn’t thought of, though.


    • Well the next time I’m trying on mustaches, I’ll be sure to take pictures! I think I tend to be more productive first thing in the morning too. I lose steam as the day goes on.


  2. Yeah, Erin, where’s the picture?

    I suppose I’m more of a hare, at least lately. I got 8500 words done on one Saturday a few weeks ago. Still proud of that.

    I find a lot of distractions, too. But nothing that compares to trying to use my own hair as a mustache for an entire morning. That’s an impressive achievement on the ways to be distracted front.


    • Why thank you! I’m glad I achieved something, even if it wasn’t writing!

      8,500 words is awesome. I think I tend to be the same way. I write in spurts. Maybe not spurts that large, but spurts nonetheless.


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