Ice Cream Parlor Update

Do you remember the ice cream parlor illustration I posted last week? Well, I just couldn’t leave it alone. Although I made a few small changes like altering values and changing some line angles, I also made a few larger edits too. Some of my critique group thought that my characters’ world was beginning to look like I am Legend, because it would appear that there are very few other people in it besides these three amigos. So, I added a waiter to appease the masses, and I rather like him. Also, I changed the shape of Peter’s ice cream dish. The giant banana split boat wasn’t working for everyone.

As a side note, the yellow VW Beetle in the background is actually a “portrait” of my car. Beetles are the only cars I can draw semi-convincingly without photo reference, so they show up in my artwork a lot.

They say to draw what you know.



  1. Hooray!! I love the changes!!! Bravo Erin.

    As always, the critiques never end, or that’s how it feels sometimes. But it’s a good thing, right? I hope so. Anyway, I love your waiter character. The only thing that detracts from him for me is that his belt is perfectly flat. If it had just a little bit of an ellipse to show his form that would be great.

    Thanks for posting your progress online. I felt more prepared in class when it was your turn to present.

    Have a good Thanksgiving! Be safe.



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