Experiments in Hot Cocoa

Some time ago, I remember flipping through a magazine and seeing a picture of a spacious kitchen with white cabinetry, deep cherry walls, and red appliances. It was decorated with green garland and swags of cedar bows for the holidays. I’d like to track that picture down again so I’ll have it ready to hand to the architect of my dream house.

Because you know it’s going to happen; someday I’ll get that dream house.

And thinking of red kitchens and that lovely cedar smell always compels me to start haunting allrecipes.com for the latest and greatest holiday treat. Lately, I’ve been on a hot chocolate kick. I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of the dry mixes, but I figure that a true connoisseur would probably frown on powders altogether. So, in order to elevate my taste, I’m going to take a stab at making homemade creamy hot cocoa this year. After all, the recipe calls for half-and-half cream, and nothing bad was ever made from half-and-half cream.

Along with some homemade cocoa, a couple years ago, my mom and I collaborated to make our own marshmallows. Although I don’t want to belittle the store-bought variety, they just don’t hold a candle to the kind you whip and fluff yourself. This year, I’d like to kick it up my cocoa a notch with homemade peppermint-swirl marshmallows.

And as if this wasn’t all fun enough, think of how great it will be someday in my dream kitchen!

What’s your favorite holiday treat? What are you looking forward to eating more than anything else this December?



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