Wedding Bells Rang!

Indeed they did! And I hope that is all that needs be said to explain my little disappearance.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Seventh Story Studio is still thriving. It has been relocated from Montana to Salt Lake City, and now resides in a bright and sunny apartment next door to Barnes and Noble. I must admit that my new “studio” doesn’t bear much resemblance to one yet, as my tools of mass destruction artistic creation are still in storage. However, I have great visions for the space in front of our balcony window. I see easels and paint tubes. Lots and lots of paint tubes.

I hope to upload photos of the wedding and new apartment soon. In the meantime, know that my husband and I (that has a nice ring to it) are blissfully happy fighting over our only armchair. Out carpet suffocated for days beneath a layer of cardboard boxes, tissue paper, and cellophane wrap, but as a result, our kitchen is now nicely outfitted in red and white appliances and cookware. I never thought I would have a coordinated kitchen.

Also, since I graduated from school, I have spent some time fleshing out my outline and writing some background chapters for my story. I hope to make substantial progress on the written portion of my project now that my evenings are to be a little more free. But more on that later. Wish me luck!



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