Order or Inspiration?

One of my writing professors once told the class that he rarely writes his books in chronological order. When he sits down to write, he tackles the part of the story that most inspires him at the time and then worries about putting everything in order later. I had never considered writing any other way than starting at the beginning and plowing through until the end. That was the way I had always done things. However, when my professor put the issue to a vote, a large handful of students in the class preferred to write in the same way as my professor.

Since beginning this project, I have found it more difficult to write my scenes in the order that they occur. Although I’m trying to be disciplined and follow my outline, my outline is still missing some crucial material: the middle. Have you ever had “A” and “B” figured out, but can’t seem to draw the line that connects the two? In order to overcome my inability to connect the dots, and have experimented with this new writing technique. I write scenes as they appeal to me.

How do you go about tackling your writing? Do you start at the beginning? In the middle? Do you edit as you go, or save it until you’re finished? Let me in on your secrets.



  1. I usually start with what inspires me most. In fact, that is how much of my writing comes about. I have a burst of imagination and I can’t wait to write it down. However, consequently, it makes for a lot of ideas, but not as many endings.


    • I have that problem too! I have so many ideas and not all of them get wrapped up very nicely. I like to keep what I’ve written though. You never know when it will come in handy.


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