Writer’s Groups

Small Montana towns don’t offer much in the way of opportunities. When I was at school, friends and roommates would sometimes ask me what I did for fun growing up.

Good question.

We didn’t have a Chuck E. Cheese’s. We didn’t have a skate park or an arcade. The bowling alley interior was yellow with cigarette smoke. Heck, we didn’t even have a Walmart. As kids, we simply had to make our own fun.

Now that I’m living in the Big City (for a Montana girl, that is), I’m noticing how many opportunities are available. Several of my watchers belong to writer’s groups. I’ve always been curious about writer’s groups, and I’ve recently discovered that there are a few operating in the area.

So, my question to my readers is this: What has been your experience with writer’s groups? What do they do? Are they helpful? What kind of commitment/participation level is expected? Do you recommend joining?


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