Rough Draft: COMPLETE!

That’s right. You heard me. 100% COMPLETE.

Back on February 7th, I wrote a short entry to congratulate myself on completing my outline. Last summer, I asked my readers how they felt about the pre-writing process. Some of them said they couldn’t write without structure; others couldn’t write with it. For me, the pre-writing process is a struggle. When I sit down to hack out an outline, I suddenly feel the need to recheck my email or surf Amazon for toys I can’t have. I’ve even cleaned the oven to avoid writing. You’d think I’d be more disciplined, having just graduated college and all.

My next goal was to have the entire rough draft written by my birthday, and I did so with less than 48 hours to spare. Having finished, I can say this: the outline helped a lot. With few exceptions, I never got stuck in my story. Even if the writing wasn’t sparkling, I could always refer to my outline and plow through the ruts. I have never finished a rough draft so quickly.

Now, it’s time for the dreaded editing process. So, here’s my question to my readers: how do you feel about editing? Do you enjoy it? Do you like it less than, as much, or more than writing the actual story? Do you give yourself a break before plunging in for the kill? I’d like to hear your thoughts.




  1. It’s been my experience to do the first major edit right away. Send it off to a critique partner or let your writer’s group (if you have one) read it over. If they find any major flaws (hard to hear, I know, but necessary), the material is fresh in your mind and you should be able to smooth out any bumps in the road, so to speak. If they love it and there’s only minor flaws – great! Fix them quick and let it fly. If you get rejections, it will be some time from now and you can then re-read your manuscript with fresh eyes and make any necessary improvements. Hope that helps.:)


    • Thanks! I’m so excited to get editing that it would be hard to wait anyway. I think I’ll start with some honest friends; they always give good advice!


  2. Super congrats on finishing the rough draft. That’s an awesome accomplishment. I’m a plotter and outline, and I find each of the stages of a completed ms to be daunting in various ways. Editing can be fun but sometimes it feels overwhelming. I’d prefer to write clean, but I haven’t gotten there yet. 😉


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