Looking for Fresh Eyes

On March 28th, I finished the rough draft of my manuscript. Since then, I’ve taken everyone’s advice and have been editing like a mad (wo)man. I’ve chopped, hacked, written, and rewritten. Now that I can recite all 50,000 words in my sleep, I think I’m ready for another set of eyes.

Have any of you heard of LadiesWhoCritique.com? It’s a website with the goal of matching writers with critique partners/beta readers. I recently became aware of its existence and created a profile. Have any of you found success through Ladies Who Critique? If not, how do you go about finding fresh eyes to view your work? Do you have another website you prefer? Do you ask friends and family? Writing groups? Random strangers? I’d like to know your methods.

And P.S., if any of you have profiles on Ladies Who Critique, let me know. We should be friends.



  1. Congratulations on finishing your major edit! That’s a big job. I was fortunate to come across a local writer’s group who has been great whenever I needed someone to critique my work. I hope the LadiesWhoCritique can help you. 🙂


  2. I’ve never heard of Ladies Who Critique, but could be a great idea. I have used the same 2 critique partners for years. They both write for the same age group and I trust them to tell it like it is, but they sometimes disagree. I like having a history with my critique partners. One i’ve known since we were in school together, the other I just managed to meet.

    I beta readers are my fans. I actually recruit fans (and their parents) to read drafts that are pretty good, but not ready yet, to get their opinions.

    Writers crit groups are invaluable, but it’s tough to find the right people to work with. You could always try something like Zoetrope. I used to post my screenplays for critique there. Good luck!


    • Thanks for you comment! It is tough to find a good critique partner match, but the ones I’ve worked with have been very helpful. I need to start recruiting beta readers too!


  3. I belong to YoungAdultFictionFanatics or Yaff. We do take on new members from time to time. You’d need to submit an application to the site but I can’t say enough about the ladies of this group. We are more than a group of writers, we’ve become a family. We have all spectrums across the board as far as genre–science fiction, fantasy, contemporary, horror etc. Good luck, whatever you decide.


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