Jasper’s Redesign

When I first came up with the idea for Jasper, I knew that he was going to sport a bit of an eclectic wardrobe. His early concept sketch included a Hot Topic-esque belt buckle, Converse low tops, a green silk shirt, and a felt rose in his buttonhole. But then I started writing, and I found that Jasper wanted to be something more than just a little offbeat. He wanted to be . . . extravagant. And maybe even a little ostentatious.

Anyone else think he’s gotten a bit carried away?

As a side note, when I was doing this illustration, I turned to my husband and asked, “Okay, so if your ascot is purple, your tux is green, and your shirt is white, what color is your pocket-handkerchief?” Without missing a beat, my husband replied, “Yellow.”

And that’s why we’re married.



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