Fancy Animals

The fun continues for those of us enrolled in Chris Oatley’s The Magic Box program! I actually finished my last homework assignment awhile ago, but it’s taken me several days to get my rear in gear and post my progress.

My assignment was to take a classic portrait by a famous artist and recreate it digitally, replacing the person in the portrait with a funny animal. And yes, I know my last homework assignment featured frogs/toads, but I promise I’m not obsessed with them (at least, not unhealthily so). It’s just that I happen to own a toad who is too obese to move, and therefore makes an excellent drawing reference.

The portrait I decided to recreate is called “Young Man Holding a Skull” by Frans Hals.

Young Man Holding a Skull

Then, as with our last assignment, we were asked to do four different color comps, maintaining the values and lighting of the original portrait.

Color Comps

I’m sure poor Frans is rolling over in his grave . . ..

Toad Holding a Skull


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