Perspective Analysis

Lesson #6 from the Oatley Academy was an exercise in overcoming every artist’s fear of perspective.

The first step was to pick a screenshot from a movie or a video game that displayed immersive, three-point perspective. We then dissected that screenshot and looked for its horizon line and vanishing points.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Pixar’s Up. I chose a screenshot from the beginning of the movie when Carl escapes his sentence to live in a retirement home by unveiling his glorious bouquet of balloons and taking to the sky, house and all.


At first glance, this shot appears to be an example of two-point perspective, but when given enough canvas, the far-off vanishing point eventually emerges.  The upward angle of this shot is so dramatic, that you can see a bit of lens distortion as the street light and closest buildings curve off of the screen.

Screenshot Analysis

The next step was to set aside our horizon line and vanishing points and attempt to sketch a copy the screenshot by merely “eyeballing” the lines and angles. In previous assignments, Chris has stressed working with designed shapes of color. Something about that approach really resonated with me, so rather than draw the image line-by-line, I drew it shape-by-shape instead.

Perspective Assignment

I was pretty pleased with my final sketch, although I recognize a few mistakes, particularly that the angles of the buildings on the left side of the image aren’t as dramatic as those in the original screenshot, making the scene less magnificent overall.


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