Environment Illustration Revisited

Once upon a time, I thought I was happy with my environment illustration. And then, one day, I wasn’t. The whole image was too dark. The little boy on the tower disappeared into the blue-yellowness. And what was that thing in the upper left-hand corner? Did it even read as a kite???

For a months, I avoided the editing process. I tinkered around with Photoshop filters, and searched for the “Fix This Image” button I was sure must be hidden somewhere in Photoshop’s endless library of drop down menus. But finally, I had to accept the hard truth: Photoshop filters weren’t going to give me the drama I wanted. I had to go in and actually repaint stuff.

And I think it was worth it.

Clock Tower (Revised) It may not be perfect, but it is better. And I think I can live with that for now.


What Do You Think?

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