Epic Skies

I’ve finally reached the last of the environment lessons at the Oatley Academy. Lesson #9 was all about painting “epic skies.” I’d never painted an epic sky before (or an ocean, for that matter), so some of my early, more pathetic thumbnails featured a few soggy rain clouds over a sprawling seascape. But then I was all like, “You know what? Go big or go home!” Enter the Swirling Vortex of Death.  Epic SkyMy clouds are  quite a bit more stylized than I was aiming for at first, but once I’d started making them angular, I loved them too much to go back. I found I liked the way the shapes of the clouds mimicked the shapes in the cliffs and the waves. I guess we’ll see what my classmates have to say about it. If they start questioning the fluffy rocks in the sky, I’ll know I’ll need to revise something. Next up is Lesson 10: Painting Human Hair.


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