The Peculiar Pet Emporium

My friends, this is what persistence looks like: Peculiar Pet Emporium

Minus the two and a half weeks I was on vacation, I have been consistently working on this illustration since February. My baby was going through a stage where he was into everything and never (never, never, never) slept (I think we’re through the worst of it, though. Thanks for asking.). So, for most of the last four months, I’ve been averaging between 20 and 30 minutes of painting time a day. Eventually, those bursts of work added up to a completed piece. Slow and steady wins the race, people.

This painting also fulfilled my requirement for Lesson #10 of The Magic Box. We’ve been learning about painting human hair, but since human skin isn’t covered until Lesson #11, we were supposed to practice our skills by painting furry animals instead. I invented my animals. I call them the rabbigator, the caraffe, and the chamonkeon.

Here’s a couple detail shots of the critters. Enjoy! Rabbigator Caraffe and Chamonkian



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