Awesome Sauce Self Portrait

I can’t decide if this is hilarious, freaky, or an awesome combination of both.

Magic Box lesson #11 was about painting naturalistic human skin. Our assignment required us to provide a head and shoulders photo of our most willing, reliable model: ourselves. Mustering up any enthusiasm to paint myself was a struggle. So, I made myself into a cartoon/caricature. It was a lot more fun after that.

So, without further ado, here’s Real Erin:


Here’s Sketch Erin:

Portrait Sketch

And finally, here’s Painted Erin:


I’m sure I’ll be doing some revisions based on my classmates’ feedback, but I’m done staring at me for a while. (Does it even look like me? I’m not actually sure. I have zero objectivity when it comes to my own face.)



  1. I think this is great! Wonderful job. You turned a beautiful picture into a stunning piece of art. Chris has helped me so much in my journey as an artist as well. Keep inspiring!


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