Pages 8 – 10

It finally happened. I finished all ten pages of my comic sample. I hit a wall sometime after coloring page 9, and for one weekend I really wasn’t sure I had it in me to face another page, but when Monday rolled around, I mustered enough self-discipline to park myself in a chair and get to work. And as of this afternoon, they’re done. Not perfect, mind you. But done.

If you’re interested in seeing all ten pages side-by-side (and I know you are), I put them all together in a little gallery. And I gotta say, they look a heckofalot cuter as a set than as individual images.

I’ll be entering the query trenches sometime within the next couple weeks, so wish me luck. But for now, ice cream. And a nap. In that order.

Page 8 ColorPage 9 ColorPage 10 Color



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