If At First You Don’t Succeed…

…try, try again!

Once upon a time, there was another version of this painting. I’m not exactly sure where it went all wrong, but sometime between finishing the line art and laying in the colors, I realized it really just wasn’t working. The composition was wonky, the characters were stiff, and the values were spotty. By that point, however, I’d already invested a good three weeks of work into it, so I wasn’t about to let it crash and burn. I stubbornly noodled away on it for about three more days. And got absolutely nowhere.

Well, as my eloquent sculpture teacher always used to say, “You can’t polish a turd.” So, I crumpled up my turd and threw it in the trash (Figuratively speaking. It was a digital file by that time). And then I moped into my pillow for twoย days.

And then I started over.




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